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We are specializes in
automated source code


The Sizing Analysis is part of the Migration Services. It supports decision making when performing large-scale application changes or migrating existing applications to new platforms.

Sizing analysis serves the application stakeholder who needs to fully understand the impact of large-scale application changes or hardware/software platform changes, e.g. changing business data model or migrating to different database management system. It improves manageability of the migration, improves quality of technical decisions and reduces riscs.

Keywords: impact analysis, automated source code analysis, platform migration, database migration, business process re-design.

The audience is ICT management and migration teams.

Purpose of the service
The main purpose of the Sizing Analysis is to analyze the impact of large-scale application changes and platform migration.

It builds on the Baseline Assessment which establishes a knowledge base of all application characteristics and services to pinpoint impacted areas and to identify solution strategies.

Required input
Process overview

- Customer’s migration plans

- Application source code
- Application
- Interview stakeholders to understand migration plans
- Intake of source code and documentation
- Inventory of source code and documentation
- Parsing of the code
- Build Meta Repository
- Evaluate metrics and documentation
- Evaluate solution strategies
- Publish Sizing Analysis Report
- Publish Sizing Analysis web site
- Application overview, indicating
  Languages used
  Inventory of software components
  Inventory of documentation
  Size metrics
- Sizing assessment
  Impact metrics
  Design issues
  Programming quality risks
  Data storage risks
- Documentation
  Documentation Web Site
  Sizing Analysis Report, incl Risk Mitigation Advice

- Identification of impact of large-scale application changes
- Identifies problem areas and solutions
- Automated
- Processing time, 4-8 weeks
- Full insight in application impact, risks and solutions
- Improves manageability
- Improves quality
- Cost effective
- Based on automated, repeatable process

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