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We are specializes in
automated source code


The Enterprise Portfolio Assessment is part of the Assessment Services. It provides quickly insight in major characteristics of an entire software application portfolio.

Enterprise Portfolio Assessment is used when the business management needs to understand major financial and technical characteristics of the application and it is needed for strategic ICT investment decision-making. Like a stock financial portfolio it represents of each application major metrics such as application functional size (Function Points), environment parameters, development costs (replacement value), yearly maintenance costs, and estimated life time.

Keywords: limited amount of effort, financial metrics issues, simple and clear message.

The Enterprise Portfolio Assessment audience is general, financial and ICT executives.

Purpose of the service
The main purpose of the Enterprise Portfolio Assessment is to support ICT strategic decision-making. With ICT portfolio management, it becomes possible to make strategic ICT investment decisions based on objective financial data concerning the entire enterprise application portfolio.

Required input
Process overview

- Applications source code

- Organization Diagram
- Application owners interviews
- Intake of source code
- Inventory of source code and documentation
- Source Code Parsing
- Analyze Results
- Publish Results
- Application portfolio overview:
  Function Point sizes
  Environments used
  Replacement Values
  Projected Maintenance costs
  Life times
  Total Costs of Ownership

- Identification of full software portfolio
- Concrete, strategic information
- Executive level
- Non-technical results
- Short processing time
- High level understanding of ICT portfolio
- Financial Metrics
- Objective
- Cost effective
- Based on automated, repeatable process

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