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We are specializes in
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The Data Cleansing is part of the Migration Services; it provides the means to correct erroneous data in corporate databases.

Data Cleansing is used when the application owner needs to migrate existing data to new applications or needs clean up existing data stores e.g. databases.

Keywords: data cleansing, data validation, business rules, business data.

The audience is ICT management and migration teams.

Purpose of the service
The main purpose of the Data Cleansing is to correct erroneous data in existing data stores. For that purpose all data is automatically validated against the business rules and violating data records are corrected using automated data converters. The business rules are the result of the business rule analysis performed on the existing application portfolio.

Required input
Process overview

- Customer’s business rules (derived by business rule analysis service)

- Application data
- Interview stakeholders to understand business rule implications
- Intake of application data
- Validation of data against business rules
- Customize automated data cleanser
- Automated cleansing of data
- Report Application Data Validation/Cleansing results
- Deliver changed application data
- Application data overview, e.g.
  Record statistics
  Record Type statistics
- Application data validation
  Violation statistics
  Automated data cleanser
  Cleaned data
- Documentation
  Data Validation/Cleansing Report

- Cleansing of business data
- Identification of erroneous business data
- Automated
- Response time, 1-3 weeks
- Improves quality of business data collections
- Scalable
- Cost effective
- Based on automated, repeatable process

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