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We are specializes in
automated source code



Customer Problem New application was causing many problems.
Customer Question Were technical and/or design issues the cause?
Synergi Corp Solution Quick-scan of the documentation and application source code (Uniface 4GL).
Synergi Corp Result Major problem areas were identified in the application design and implementation. Additionally, the testing process was considered insufficient and incomplete.
Customer Benefits The customer has solved the technical issues and has improved the testing processes resolving most operational problems.

Customer Problem Maintenance costs were increasing as was time-to-fix.
Customer Question How can maintainability be improved?
Synergi Corp Solution Detailed quality assessment of the application source code and architecture
Synergi Corp Result Components with low maintainability were identified and strategies for restructuring and re-design were suggested to improve maintainability.
Customer Benefits Customer could focus available development resources on weak spots thus minimizing effort while maximizing results.

Customer Problem Cobol/Jcl application needed to be migrated from IBM to Compaq/DEC platform.
Customer Question How can we efficiently migrate this application?
Synergi Corp Solution Sizing and detailed analysis provided insight into the needed conversions.
Synergi Corp Result Based on sizing and detailed analysis customized conversion tools were developed to migrate the IBM JCL to DEC VAX DCL without manual conversion labor.
Customer Benefits The application could be migrated significantly faster with less risks than could have been achieved manually.


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