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We are specializes in
automated source code


The Application Quick Scan is part of the Assessment Services. It provides quickly insight in major product issues and characteristics of a software application.

Application Quick Scan is used when the application owner needs to quickly get understanding of the major technical risks of the application and it is needed to help deciding if further and more detailed analysis of the application is appropriate.

Keywords: limited amount of effort, major issues, problem and goal driven, short response time, simple and clear message. May or may not use automated analysis tools.

The Application Quick Scan audience is general management and ICT management.

Purpose of the service
The main purpose of the Application Quick Scan is to answer the question if the application under consideration may be or become a risk for the customer’s organization, caused by technical problems in that application.

The Application Quick Scan also answers the question if a full assessment is necessary in the process of mitigating those risks.

Required input
Process overview

- Customer’s perceived problems

- Application source code
- Application
- Interview stakeholders to understand perceived problems
- Intake of source code and documentation
- Inventory of source code and documentation
- Identify possible risks
- Conceive Quick Scan Report
- Discuss Quick Scan Report with stakeholders
- Finalize Quick Scan Report
- Application overview:
  Languages used
  Inventory of software components
  Inventory of documentation
  Size estimates
- Risk assessment:
  Design issues
  Programming quality risks
  Data storage risks
  Security risks
- Recommended next steps

- Identification of technical risks of a software application
- Identifies need for further investigation
- Short response time, 2-3 weeks
- Provides insight in technical issues and risks
- To the point
- Objective
- Cost effective
- Based on automated, repeatable process

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