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We are specializes in
automated source code


Synergi Corp specializes in automated source code analysis and transformation. Our capabilities focus on strategic, tactical and operational software management. Our automated services create immediate reductions in time, money and risk for your applications. We achieve these gains through advanced software tools, methods and techniques, assuring high quality, fast delivery and low costs.


Our mission is to provide advanced, innovative and affordable analysis and migration methods, tools and services for existing software systems. Our services and tools reduce the cost, risk and time to assess, understand, maintain, or migrate these systems.

The Synergi Corp Re-engineering Tool Set is the most advanced product in the market. Based on a new and innovative architecture, it is much more flexible and reliable, and has a much broader application than other technologies.


Typical situations where Synergi Corp services are beneficial:

- You need to know technical quality and financial value of your software application portfolio for strategic ICT decision making.
- The quality of the business data has detoriated and in urgent need of cleansing.
- There is a need for a cost effective approach for moving your old complex legacy system to a modern (e.g. java-based) system.
- You need to align business requirements with your software portfolio.
- During outsourcing of an application YOU want to stay in control of maintenance and change.
- You have to accept a new custom build application but need to know if it's built and delivered according to the criteria agreed upon.
- The programming staff has been reduced: knowledge of mission critical, very complex to maintain applications is not available anymore.
- Performance of maintenance and change: cost of change requests is high; delivery times are long, customers are dissatisfied.


Synergi Corp creates a factual and transparent understanding of your software applications. This knowledge and understanding is the basis for cost reduction and improvement.

We are able to mitigate risk by either improving current applications or migrating to other hardware or software platforms. We improve the quality of your data on the basis of business rules which we extract from your application.

For strategic decision-making, we assess the application portfolio, produce the facts and value of this portfolio, and recommend improvement strategies.

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